Brazil Pledges Full Support

June 18, 2015 | News

Ambassador Celso Amorim, Minister of External Relations of Brazil, is very honored and pleased to receive the invitation to participate in the First FICAC Latin American Consular Conference.

Due to some constraints of his very tight agenda as well as some matters of strong impact on the foreign policy agenda of Brazil, the Minister of Foreign Affairs asked me to represent him personally at this important Conference and to communicate to the President of FICAC, Consul General Arnold Foote, the pledge of his full support to FICAC.

Ambassador Amorim asked me also to communicate to the Chairman of the FICAC Latin American Regional Committee and President of the Consular Corps of Brazil, Consul General of Albania Lamartine Hollanda Junior, that the Brazilian Government is very honored with the fact that the First FICAC Latin American Consular Conference has been organized in Brazil, Recife, as well as the fact that Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior has been elected first Chairman of the FICAC Latin American Regional Committee.

It is a pleasure to report to this select audience my personal testimony about a success story of the Consular Corps of Jamaica under the guidance of Arnold Foote, General Consul of the Republic Turkey and Dean of the Consular Corps at the time I served as Brazilian Ambassador to Jamaica.

Consul General Foote highlighted the use of Consular instruments to promote interaction with the world on behalf of Jamaica. He promoted every year in Kingston an International Trade Expo as well as an International Cultural Gala.

Those initiatives of the Consular Corps were very successful. The media gave full coverage not only to the countries that participated but also for the Consular Corps initiative.

Of course Brazil participated every year of those brilliant initiatives of the Consular Corps of Jamaica. As a result, the Brazilian exports to Jamaica rose from US$ 47 million in 2003 to US$ 245 million in 2007.

The Cultural Gala drew a large public, and attracted the broad attention of the Jamaican press to the cultural events sponsored by Brazil.

Finally, I want to stress the point raised last Saturday morning by Max Baretge, President of CARICOM Consular Association: “The importance of the success of this conference ensures the future development of the World Federation of Consuls’ activities as well as encourages a better performance of the Consuls in this Latin America Region.”