Burak Küntay, President of School of Government and Leadership in Bahçeşehir University, shared his thoughts with WOMEN in DIPLOMACY COMMITTEE of FICAC

May 3, 2020 | Women Committee

1- As a matter of fact the women consuls plays a primary role in the diplomatic life. But not only in diplomacy in any aspect of life the value and the position of woman in every respectful job have not be in its desired value yet. Throughout history, woman started gaining more power, position and responsibilities, there have been many female leaders, diplomats and generals. Even though the field of diplomacy has been predominantly male in known history, the role of women in historic events cannot be ruled out. It can be interpreted that after the Second World War, women gaining more influence in the field of diplomacy has made the world relations function better. When we analyze the role of women honorary consuls it can be understood that in our society today, we can see that women have been able to accomplish pretty much everything men can accomplish. The number of women honorary consuls increasing proves that perfectly. In the field of diplomacy, singular perspectives cannot always be efficient. So women honorary consuls’ participation in diplomacy increasing would bring in brand new perspectives and features that men consuls might not possess. It is known that genders have various skills in many fields and it can also be argued that gender groups may have comparative advantages when it comes to professions. However, shortcomings of these gender groups can be taken care of by broadening the types of perspectives and utilizing the variables. This way, women can be represented more properly in the world diplomacy and the profession of diplomacy can become more prosperous.

Women’s involvement in diplomacy has started with their beginning of the voting right and nowadays, women can reach the same level as men in state institutions. An honorary consulate is generally an office that people want to gain status with it and it’s a complimentary job. Because of that, before governments sending an offer to the honorary consulate candidate, they are checking the candidate’s social, financial status. After that, the governments decides. A lot of people in the community thinks that the people who fit with these conditions can only be a man but this doesn’t fits with the reality. We can observe that women can do the same thing with the man and this is a good opportunity to look from a wider angle for us.

2- First of all, in order for women diplomats to gain more improvement and equality, future strategies have to be globalized. What’s meant by that is that when the status of women is analyzed within the society, that analysis has to include all the societies in the world. Today, the majority of women are still being discriminated against and abased in different regions of the world. We can make the role of women more valuable in diplomacy by improving the status, responsibilities, rights, and securities of women diplomats specifically in the regions where women are born into certain unalterable roles. Societies in these regions have to be educated through “bottom to top” and free-thinking principles.

3- In the next decade, the status of women diplomats surely will increase. When women enter diplomacy, peaceful politics increase more, and women are more likely to achieve a potential compromise. This is because the phenomenon of peace is parallel with women. Women’s foresight and feelings, their ability to reconcile are much different and developed. This ability should be fed into diplomacy. The majority of women in diplomacy bring reconciliation, peace, understanding, logic, reality and common sense. this is a very important need for today’s countries. I am pretty sure that women visibility will be increasing year by year. The international relation needs more pluralistic democracy in the way of reaching the ideal version.

4- Gender inequality exists for women since the beginning of world history. Throughout history, women’s rights have gained their power as a result of great struggles, not by the grace of anyone. The rights she gained in every struggle, acquirements that was not only women’s victories. It has caused an evolution of world history. Women and aware men do not allow for greater gender inequality.

We can make the visibility of women more prominent through in all stages of the life. Recent technological innovations have spectacularly facilitated the process of spreading information. Instead of trying to inform and educate old generations that are stuck in the past. We could affect the young generations that are more open-minded to differences. By exhibiting the skills and features of women, young generations could become more open to gender equality. In my opinion, through innovations and free-thinking, gender inequalities will gradually diminish for future generations.