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Governor Cahit Kirac, Governor of Izmir Turkey, address at the opening ceremony of the World Congress of Consuls 2009

Cahit Kirac

Esteemed ...,

President of the World Federation of Honorary Consuls Mr. Arnold Foote,

Honorable Members of the World Federation of Honorary Consuls,

Esteemed Ladies, Gentlemen,

Esteemed Press Members

I would like to indicate that we are very pleased to host you all in our Province and 9th World Congress of the World Federation of Honorary Consuls that be in service as the United Nations Civil Society Organization and which brings together Honorary Consuls under the same roof that is an important factor of international relations and diplomacy was held in our Province.

Honorary Consuls to whom he or she performs important duties to develop social, cultural and bilateral trade relations; undertake an important mission, consequently providing the world peace and alliance of civilizations.

For this purpose, I would like to take this occasion to welcome our Esteemed guests who came from inland and abroad to our Province, I greet all respectfully and warm regards.

I thank you all it may concern, those who contributed particularly to Esteemed President of the Federation who brings together us in Izmir, Turkey under the title of congress named "Cooperation For Economical and Social Welfare".

Esteemed Ladies, Gentlemen,

Two sessions will be performed in the Congress under the head of "Socio Economic Effects of Global Financial Crisis" and Inter-religious Harmony As Pre-Condition For Global Socio Economic Welfare".

Esteemed scientists and experts will share their knowledges and experiences in these sessions as spokesmen with us concerned with the given subjects. Of course, all of us will benefit from this to a large extent.

I would like present information to you concerning Izmir for the purpose of showing the accuracy that these subjects were approached in a city just as Izmir and the place of congress is Izmir within the frame of opening speech :

Esteemed Ladies, Gentlemen,

While we are describing Izmir; we use such titles as the Pearl of Aegean, Star of the Mediterranean, the homeland of Homeros, he described Izmir as a princess, the city that Victor Hugo compared to a princess, Herodotus said that the city the most high under the open sky and on the world's most beautiful climate, primary city, Turkey's western door and the city of permissive people.

Those who have seen Izmir, known Izmir, those who lived Izmir are knowing that how much we are right with these definition.

Because Izmir is one of the preeminent attraction centers of our country with tourism facilities, the fairs and the congresses, the universities, the ruins and the museums, the cultural and artistic activities all year round particularly natural beauties, rich cultural heritage till these days for thousands of years, suitable climatic conditions, notably culture, health and sun-sea sand tourism.

According to rumours, it was given a name from Amazon Queen ; hosted to a great number of civilizations of 8.500 years with historical background.

We know that great works of art named "Iliad" and "Odysseia" was reached till today, the first and the biggest poet of the history Homeros had lived in Izmir.

Famous French poet Victor Hugo compared Izmir ith princess ; one of the cities continuously present of our country from the point of view of socio-economic, persons belong to different cultures and religions who lived tolerance and in peace for centuries side by side.

For this reason, Izmir is a mosaic that persons from different beliefs are praying in the churches, synagogues and mosques situated in the same hometown.

As you know, Turkey is an intersection of civilizations from past to present which said hello from the east to the west and from the west to the east as of geopraphical position, cultural structure and its history and a key point.

Our country is meeting place of religions that religious locations elite territory that people who have different religions lived together.

If Izmir, it is a province that these features are seen most distinct.

Beyond the city was center point to a variety of cultures and beliefs on ancients period, it is a region that divine religions maintained its life today as it was yesterday.

Our province is a city that people are praying freely of any religion from synagogues around Havra Street to mosques in Kemeralti, and to churches located in Alsancak from there.

We have a historical bazaar complex that known by the name of Kemeralti in Izmir. Existence of 8 synagogues around a street (Havra Street) between two mosques (between Kestane (Chesnut) Bazaar Mosque and Sadirvanalti Mosque) is an interesting view in this bazaar complex.

It is not possible to see in any city that mosque, church and synagogues are taken place in such a harmony one within the other in a bazaar complex from Bosnia to Bukhara.

This view is a urban configuration special to Izmir. Izmir serves as a good model of peace, democracy culture and tolerance environment with this structure.

When considered from this point of view; I am thinking to do the honours to the activities as "Interreligious harmony" is proper to Izmir and also Izmir will add a great deal to such a tolerance, democracy, culture of living together.

Esteemed Ladies, Gentlemen,

The other important result of this Congress for us is to identify Izmir to the world.

For this reason, I would like to mention in a few words in this section of my speech about socio-economic structure of Izmir.

Izmir is Turkey's third largest city with the population coming 4 million.

Izmir is a Turkey's a city which has a potential in agriculture, industry, trade and tourism sector and possess 7 universities and around 100 thousand students are receiving education and educated and experienced human resource on over average of Turkey.

Izmir is one of the three provinces that industry was developed at the most in our country. Turkey meets 9 percent of industrial production and 14% of the value added tax; There are 16 Organized Industrial Zones in total, 7 of them has been completed.

Also; The Aegean Free Zone which has a feature to be the biggest Free Zone of Turkey from the point of square measure and incorporated into important industrial complexes as Menemen Leather OSB.

Besides these our province is providing agricultural production and animal product breeding.

Izmir is national champion in the ranking of herbal product value through out the country, at the sixth place of the country in the ranking of product value of livestocks, at the third place of the country in the ranking of product value of animal products and at second place of the country in the ranking of agricultural production value in total.

Foreign trade of %13 of Turkey and 15 % is performing in this city.

Because of Izmir bears all features of the Mediterranean climate and has the coast line of 600 kilometers, the coastal tourism opportunities is presented with the best.

On the other hand, sea, sun, sand consisting of three parts, Ephesus and Bergama and ruins, Artemisia Temple, one of the 7 Wonders of the world, a great number of museums are presenting cultural tourism opportunities.

Because of House of the Virgin Mary, Saint John Basilica and 3 of Seven Churches that takes part in the Bible is located in Izmir (Bergama, Izmir and Ephesus), Izmir is very important centre from the point of view of Belief Tourism.

Tepekule that was protected its existence since Ancient age located in downtown has been built by Alexander the Great, Kadifekale and Agora and Kemeralti Bazaar which possess a specific tissue are centers of attraction from the tourism point of view its mosques, synagogues and large commercial buildings.

In a few words, the city is increasing both its attraction of Izmir and the area as tourism center thanks to suitable climatic conditions, history and natural richness from the point of tourism and presents suitable environment for to increase tourism variety.

Furthermore Izmir makes possible to access easily to abroad and home markets due to land road, airway, seaway and railway lines to all economy centers of our country. There are domestic flights from Izmir to 16 points and international flights to 93 points.

Izmir has rich geothermal resources, receiving sunlight rate all the year round and possess wind channels also there is an important potential from the point of view of renewable energy resources.

For this reason, we have determined our industrial, tourism, logistic and renewable energy resources as 5 strategic sectors for socio-economical development of our province advanced technology based, industrial and agriculture based in the present Izmir Regional Development Plan that contain the period of 2009-2013 and presented from us by Izmir Development Agency; we will focuse our support and encouragements to these areas.

We would like Izmir to be a world city which has international recognition by international experience we gained by EXPO efforts and we perform important projects in this direction.

The other factor that gained important day by day as introduction in our globalizing world is communication.

The density of the international relations net and variety, sectoral economic and commercial dependency of the states one another also have increased further the importance of the communications matter.

For this reason I consider that Honorary Consulate could communicate and advertise all together and play a significant role for to develop bilateral relations.

I know that Honorary Consuls who know the history of Izmir, beauties, dynamism and recognize will protect and support efficiently for to introduce of tourism opportunities and in the evaluation of the investment potential of our province.

I leave from your presence with wishes of coming together in other organizations in the beautiful Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean ; I would like to take this occasion to thank you all separately, due to contribution you made or to be made for Izmir and to establish world peace and for development of bilateral trade relations.

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