The functions of the Regional committees will be similar to those of the Federation overall
and they are as follows:

Functions of the Regional Committees


  • Project the work of the World Federation -by communicating on a regular basis with
    member countries
  • Develop membership within the region – special visits to countries which are not
  • Develop FICAC programs within the region
  • Visit member countries and encourage the work of the member corps- advising on
    projects and liaising with chairman of FICAC committees
  • Project each member positively in the receiving state by interacting with media,
    ministries of foreign affairs and through the FICAC programs etc.
  • Promote annual trade expos in each country of the region
  • Create a better understanding of FICAC Services – invite FICAC Directors to the

Eastern Africa: Hon. D. Avraam (Ghana)
North & Central Africa: Hon. Jelil Bouraoui (Tunisia)
Western Africa: Hon. Boubacar Dialo (Mali)

Central America: Hon. Edwin de Sousa (Panama)
South America: Hon. M. Van Bladel (Chile)
Caribbean’s: Hon. E. Monica Davis (Trinidad & Tobago)

Central Asia: Hon. F. Vandenbroele (Belarus)
East & South-East Asia: Hon. Dato Shaik Ismail Allaudin (Chairman, Malaysia) &
Hon. Ayub Junus (Vice-Chairman, Indonesia)
Southern Asia: Hon. Dr. M.I. Baig (Pakistan)
West Asia (Middle East): Hon. K. Miqdadi (Jordan)

North Europe: Hon. Linas Aldonis (Lithuania)
South Europe: Hon. Prof. Stelio Campanale (Italy) & Hon. R. De Saint-Martin
West Europe: Hon. Francois Piers (Belgium)
East and South East Europe: Hon. Rajko Maric (Serbia)