FICAC Welcomed in Brazil with Open Arms

June 18, 2015 | News

Mayor João Paulo, Recife, Brazil

Your excellencies, Ambassadors, Consuls, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s with great satisfaction that, in the name of Recife’s people, I give the welcome to all members of this first Latin-American Regional Conference of FICAC.

The integration of Latin America is one of the greatest objectives of the contemporary world, especially when it’s about the projects turned into the promotion and development of the neediestsegments of the society, according to this conference spirit.

The City of Recife is with “open arms” (as The Brazillian expression says to express welcome) to all attendees and offer the hospitality, the natural beauty and the cookery of our people.

But, above all, the city of Recife joins the hands in one gesture of solidarity on the common task to make a better union between the Latin American countries which wil help in the construction of fairer societies that face the disparities and social tasks to certify the citizenship to all people.

We wish you all successful talks and we are sure that the result of this will open our perspectives and make our hope stronger.