Governor Cahit Kiraç Receives the FICAC Gold Star on the Behalf of President Abdullah Gul

June 18, 2015 | News

Governor Kiraç receives the FICAC Gold Star on behalf of President Abdullah Gul

Speech of His Excellency Cahit Kiraç in the lunch of FICAC

Dear President Arnold Foote, Esteemed members of FICAC, Esteemed Honorary Consuls, Consulates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be with you at this luncheon in honour of President Abdullah Gul in Izmir, the pearl of Aegean.

The density and diversity of international relations and the relations among countries obliged Consul Generals and Consuls to take support from honorary consuls.

The service that honorary consuls and consulates give to the countries that they represent is indispensable that they recognize deeply the language the religion, the culture of the country they work for.

Also Turkey benefits deeply from the institution of “consulates/consulate general”, our 178 Honorary Consuls all over the world deal out with bilateral relations between Turkey and the country they live in, also they contribute the advertisement of Turkey in those countries.

The consulates and honorary consuls from all over the world that are working in Turkey over 200 (45 of them appointed in Izmir) that some of them are with us today, contribute the bilateral relations by working for this honorable target, they introduce the culture of the country that they represent in Turkey.

From left: Hon . Arnold Foote, Governor Cahit Kiraç, Hon. Aykut Eken and Hon. Turgut Koyuncuoglu, admiring the FICAC Gold Star, the Breast Star and the Sash which were just received by the Governor on behalf of President Abdullah Gul.

In this context, for this aim we are ready to give all kinds of support to achive such goals.

I want to salute firstly Arnold Foote and Eken who worked hard for this Federation and all honorary consuls and consulates.

Esteemed Foote, firstly we are honored thet you are the President of such an organization FICAC and you are the honorary consul of Turkey to Jamaica.

We appreciate your efforts regarding the projection of our country on various forums and your work for Turkey for a long time, and i also want to inform you that in this context we wil always give our support to you.

I want to send my sincere regard to your graceful wife, who is a supporter of you in these efforts.

Our president is very pleasent about the words that you said in your address for him and for the FICAC Gold Star.

I wish you and the guests have good a time in Izmir, i hope to see you for other reasons again in Izmir.

Thank You.