H.E.Maria Teresa Mesquita Pessoa, Ambassador of Brazil to Nepal, shared her consideration for the WOMEN in DIPLOMACY COMMITTEE of FICAC

May 5, 2020 | Women Committee

There are positive trends in the increased participation of women in government. As per figures released by UN Women, currently, Latin America is leading globally in local and parliamentary positions held by women. But the journey to political participation, as also indicated by the UN agency, is “fraught with rising violence and intimidation against women in politics. That points to the need to sustain the trend of ensuring the access of girls to education and representation and curb violence against women.
Undeniably, the challenges to women diplomats are many; they reflect the prejudices of the traditional mindset that still see women as relegated to secondary roles and domesticity. The obvious advantage of holding a high ranking post is the affirmation of women’s capacity to overcome the confines of the traditional mindset and inspire younger generations to aspire to become full citizens in their own right.