Hon. Vagn Jespersen, Founder of FICAC supports new Executive

June 17, 2015 | News

From the desk of The Hon. Vagn Jespersen

Mr. Foote – my friend!

I have just received the honours you have given me through my son at the 8th World Congress of Consuls. For this – the work and thoughts behind it – I thank you very much. I am moved by the Award of Excellence handed over to my son by the Hon. Kenneth Hall, Governor General of Jamaica, as well as The Citation, which I understand was written and read out by you.

I thank you also for taking so good care of my family during their stay.

I appreciate your efforts in protecting, developing and promoting FICAC. Thus I congratulate you with the election of you becoming the new President of FICAC, and I wish you the best of luck working for the best interests of FICAC.

You have been so kind to invite me becoming a member of the Advisory Committee of FICAC. I regard this invitation as a privilege. I therefore accept your inviation with pleasure.

I will be happy to assist you by any means possible. Let us keep the contact.

Yours sincerely,

Vagn Jespersen
Hon. President of FICAC
Consul General of Monaco