IN MEMORIAM – Hon. Peter Gad Nashitz, President of FICAC 2000 – 2003

October 26, 2017 | News

During all his live, Hon. Peter Gad Naschitz acted anytime for friendships between people and for a better world, but as Honorary Consul General of Iceland, as President of the Consular Corps Israel, as President of FICAC (2000-20003), Hon. Peter Gad Naschitz did a lot to enhance the rights and privileges of all the honorary consuls.

Only a few months ago, Hon. Peter Gad Naschitz was still fully involved to organize a memorable and successful FICAC Conference in Tel Aviv: several FICAC Members had the pleasure to enjoy the wonderful program he prepared for us.

During the gala dinner in Tel Aviv, FICAC had the opportunity to show him our gratitude for all what he achieved: Hon. Peter Gad Naschitz was awarded with the FICAC Award of Merit in recognition of his valuable contribution and dedication to FICAC – World Federation of Consuls.

Indeed, FICAC can only be grateful to President Hon. Peter Gad Naschitz, forever and ever.

May his soul rest in peace.