Message from President

January 7, 2020 | News

Dear Honourable Colleagues,


I do hope everyone enjoyed this festive season.


We are now in 2020: I do wish all of you to begin this New Year with renewed enthusiasm, a lot of happiness and especially good health.


I also wish that 2020 will continue to strengthen the role of FICAC as the global federation representing each and all of you, members of the worldwide consular family.


I do expect 2020 to bring FICAC to a higher level thanks to the full involvement of all FICAC Directors, but also all the FICAC Committees Members and of each FICAC Member. FICAC needs to be more efficient and to be closer to all FICAC Members: to achieve this goal, FICAC is looking for everyone to be even more active, not only Directors and Members of Committees, but also FICAC Members, by informing and by assisting FICAC whenever and wherever it is possible. At the beginning of this new decade, I’m awaiting new ideas and fruitful proposals, from everyone belonging to our global network: thanks to the intelligence, the wisdom, the capacity of traveling the knowledge of each of you, I am convinced we can be successful and most useful. All FICAC Committees are open to welcoming any FICAC Member who is ready to bring his/her own expertise. 


From Education to Gender Equality, from Environmental action to Trade, FICAC is closely following the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030: all 17 Goals are interconnected for a more sustainable future. Our responsibility is to prepare the FICAC of tomorrow to be a major actor not only for the consular family but also for a sustainable future with the help of innovative projects. 

FICAC stands with you and belongs to you!


We are already working hard on several FICAC projects for 2020: visits to the Vatican, visit Poland, visit the United Nations, visit Washington DC, visit the Dominican Republic, visit Israel, visit Kazakhstan,…but also co-organization of Global Leadership Forum with Bahcesehir  University in Istanbul and Conference in Sri Lanka,…


I wish you Peace, Happiness and Good Health in 2020!


Sincerely Yours,

Aykut Eken,