June 18, 2015 | News

Seen above from L to R are: Hon. Virachai Techavijit, Hon. Arnold Foote, Nii La Dr. Kpobi Tettey-Tsuru III (King of Accra), Hon. Amarkai Amarteifio, Hon. Lamartine Hollanda and Hon. K L Ganju

Hon. Amarkai Amarteifio is also Vice President of FICAC. In his welcome address said:

Mr. Owusu Adj, Honorable Minister for Foreign Affiars
Mr. Arnold Foote, President, World Federation of Consuls
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very pleased to address you on this very important day. This day marks a milestone in the growth of the World Federation of Consuls and the planting of its concept and ideals on the very fertile soil of Africa.

The Voice of Africa must be heard in the affairs of Honorary Consuls within the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other Global fractions and Conventions that facilitate the due performance of the work of the Consul to the mutual benefit of the sending and receiving states.

Consuls on the African continent must realize the need to form Consular Associations with affiliation to the World Federation of Consuls so as to exert the influence necessary to effect improvements in communication with appropriate authority both in the receiving and sending states.

We aim to attain uniform and comprehensive interpretation and implementation of the principles that govern the execution of the functions of the Consul world wide. These are bound to be difficulties in the beginning of the work of the African Block in the face of traveling difficulties but these are compensated for by easy internet and other communication methods.

There is improvement in air communications and sufficient roads are being constructed across Africa.

It is quite conceivable that very soon such difficulties will be a thing of the past.

Ghana offers opportunities for tourism.

I urge you to find time to sample the country, Ghana and consider investment in tourism in Ghana. Ghana lies in the entre of the Earth. Just South of Guinea the Zero Equator. Tema is the closest land point to the centre of the earth forum.

This phenomenon can form the basis of a tourist venture as people will like to come to the centre and obtain a Certificate that have done so.

My dear friends, while you are here please find time to enjoy yourselves.

Thank you.