Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba-JAPAN Honorable Kazuko SHIOJIRI (Ph.D.),commented for The WOMEN IN DIPLOMACY COMMITTEE of FICAC

April 30, 2020 | Women Committee
1- How we analyze the contribution of women diplomats in diplomatic life?
First of all, we should remove the distinction between women’s and men’s abilities. They should appreciate as equal, and if there were the difference between them, it is because of their personality. When the equality between women and men would establish in diplomatic life, women diplomats will be able to work much more than the men diplomats do and contribute in their role to represent their country and to introduce each tradition and culture.
2- How can we add value to the world through a strategy by improving the status, responsibilities, rights, and securities of Women diplomats?
Women are not always weak, but when they become a mother and have to take care of the children, they need assistance from outside. They should be supported and sustained with the necessary security. Even in that case, women should not be treated differently from men’s treatment.
3- How do you see the status of women diplomats in the next decade?
In the next decade, the world still asks the women to give birth to the children and raise them by the hand of women; women diplomat should give much more favorable terms than men. It is the perfect equality for human beings, especially for diplomatic workers.
4- What do you think should be the focus of our strategy of empowering women diplomats with the contributions of the academy world?
As you know well that the indicator of the equality between women and men in Japan in 2019 is the worst among the developed countries.Still, now the responsibility of the empowerment of the women in Japan should be taken upon themselves. The government should promote the empowerment of the women in any occupation and guarantee the women to raise the children. An essential issue is for the ‘mother’ is to make the return to the job quickly with the help of the government.