The exhibition “A Francophonic look: Turquerie and Orientalism “

February 9, 2018 | News

“The exhibition A Francophonic look: Turquerie and Orientalism” being held under the patronage of FICAC and General Consulate of France in Istanbul  is an event taking within the Francophonie Festival, at the renowned educational institution in İstanbul, Saint Benoit High School’s “ La Galerie” between 8th of March and 5th of April. The vernissage will take place on Thursday March 8th at 1800 hours. 50 works from the Erol Makzume collection, depicted in different techniques, belonging to 40 artists, will be presented to artlovers, some being exhibited for the first time. Among the artists are some well known names such as Van Loo, Leprince, Melling, Decamps, Pasini, Ziem, Brest, Hayette, Warnia-Zarzecki, and Signac. Exhibition starts from the years  1700-1800 when few European artists could travel to the East and when Turkish fashion and objects were popular in Europe, thus the Turquerie period, and continues to the time when artists could travel more easily to the East during 1800-1940  starting to depict its local people and sceneries in their natural setting of light and colors, creating Orientalist works. Some of the works were painted when photography had not widely spread to the East, thus carrying documentary value. All Works were depicted by French or French speaking, francophone, artists.