Trip to Southeast Anatolia organized by Turkish Consular Corps Association

November 9, 2018 | News

Turkish Consular Corps Association organized four days trip to South East Turkish cities Hatay/Antioch-Gaziantep-Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa. Consuls visited the Hatay Archeological museum, The Habib-u Neccar Mosque and St. Pierre Church (St. Petrus). They arrived to Antioch which emerged between 29-30 after S.C. and the first cult was in this cave.


In Gaziantep, the group visited Gaziantep archeological museum to see the famous Zeugma Mosaics. The group took the coffee at the famous “Tahmis Coffee”. ‘Tahmis’ means the place where the coffee is pounding, in the old days, coffee used to be pound in mortars carved from walnut trees.


At Adıyaman, the consuls visited the Nemrut mountain site at 2150 meters altitude. The site is under UNESCO protection. On the way, consuls visited Komagene Fortuna Antiokos temples, Karakus Tumulus, Cendere Bridge and Arsemia.


Before to visit Şanlıurfa Archeological museum, the consuls visited Atatürk Dam the fourth biggest dam in the world (more than 700 square Km.), the Gobekli Tepe Tumulus (built 10900 years ago b.c.e.). This is the first agricultural area for wheat, chickpeas, lentille) and Harran antique city.


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