June 17, 2015 | News
Hon. Roland Dahlman

Dear Members:

This is a new publication which will be sent to you periodically. The main objectives are to keep you up-to-date on decisions taken, and also to highlight activities of the Consular Corps and Associations worldwide. It is also a vehicle through which you can make suggestions. The aim of the new Board of Directors is to be in touch with members, using especially the electronic medium, such as, this website, a Chat Room, E-mail and, of course, your FICAC NEWS.

The world has changed tremendously over the years and international affairs have taken on increasing significance. With the changes are challenges, such as, countries being unable to meet the cost of the administration of embassies, the role of the Honorary Consuls is becoming more important, and more and more countries will appoint Honorary Consuls to conduct their affairs. Consuls, therefore, in addition to their key roles of trade and commerce will now have to work more closely with Governments. Cultural exchange programmes will also become very important as countries seek to understand each other better. Understanding social change is as important as understanding political change, FICAC will, therefore, be embarking on training sessions, to assist Consuls to carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

As you would have noticed FICAC – Federation Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires has a new logo. This was done to easily recognize the institution as dealing with consular matters.


Hon. Roland Dahlman
World Federation of Consuls