Board of Directors
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Aykut Eken

Hon.Aykut Eken(Turkey)

Honorary Consul General of Jamaica


Hon.Kostas N.Lefkaritis (Cyprus)

Honorary Consul of the Repulic of Zambia

The Hon. Nikolaos Margaropoulos Director Greece

Hon.Nikolas (Nikos) Margaropoulos (Greece)

Honorary Consul of the Philippines


Hon.Sylvain Cohen (Monaco)

Honorary Consul of Senegal

The Hon. Dr. Mirza Ihktiar Baig Director Pakistan

Hon.Dr. Mirza Ihktiar Baig (Pakistan)

Honorary Consul General of The Republic of Yemen

Hon.Asif Chowdhury (Bangladesh)

Honorary Consul of Chile

Hon.Dr. Marco Smole (Slovenia)

Honorary Consul of Seychelles

The Hon. Thomas Amaral Neves Director Brazil

Hon.Dr. Leif-Kristian Sverstad (Norway)

Honorary Consul General of Yemen & President Consular Corps Norway

Hon.Stelio Campanale (Italy)

Honorary Consul of Greece

Mercedes Van Bladel (Chile)

Honorary Consul Belgium

Hon.Jelil Bouraoui (Tunisia)

Hon.Jelil Bouraoui (Tunisia)

Honorary Consul of Estonia

Co-opted Members:
Hon.Fran├žois Piers

Hon.Stelio Campanale (Italy)

Honorary Consul of Greece

Hon.Gad Propper (Israel)

Honorary Consul of New Zealand

Hon.Suresh Vaswani(India)

Honorary Consul of Benin

Hon.Federico Boromeo(Philippines)

Honorary Consul of Etopia

Chief of Cabinet of the President’s Office:
Mr.Patrick Debus

Mr.Patrick Debus

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