Mercedes Van Bladel, born in Belgium and grew up in Zaïre, with studies in Orthopedagogics and postgraduates in Foreign Trade and International Marketing, Total Quality Management and Corporate Social Responsibility has dedicated herself professionally as a Belgian NGO co-operator in South America and Chile in the design, development, and financing of technical innovation and sustainable programs for public and private national and international organizations and Indigenous communities of the highlands as trout breeding, intercultural medicine and community tourism and SME development.

As an independent consultant she has been mentoring national and international companies and supporting start-ups of innovative enterprise projects in metal residues recycling and export, ecotourism, fine food as well as the design of new products for unconventional markets and special niches.

On academic level she directed the Education program of a University branch for adult education, conducted intercultural workshops, assisted a Business Incubation Centre and managed various postgraduate programs as MBA and Intercultural Management in different regional Chilean universities.

Honorary Consul of The Kingdom of Belgium for the XV and I region of Chile (Royal Decree 17/02/2013)
Co-founder and President of the Associación de Cónsules Acréditados in Chile (Member of FICAC in Chile)
Foreign Trade Adviser for Belgium, February (Royal Decree 2000 – 2004)
Honorific Citizen of the Province of Parinacota (Highlands Northern Chile)
Honorific Director of the indigenous Association Chacha Warmi, representative for 14 communities of northern Chile).
Award: Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship 2013 – Fundación Mujer Opina. Chile
President COSOC Council of the Civil Society, Arica, Chile (2016).
Co-writer of the cultural essay “Cuentos Infantiles Andinos”, (“Fairy Andean tales”)published by Herco Editores, Arica, Chile.
Article: “Relatos de la Historia Andina, Una mirada sobre leyendas, mitos y cuentos.(” Stories of the Andean history, a regard on legends, myths and tales”)
Published in Journal of “Lengua y Literatura Mapuche” Universidad de la Frontera, Chile. 1994.