June 17, 2015 | News
Hon. Fernando Pinto de Oliveira with his wife Zita were responsible for the excellent organization for the FICAC-World Federation of Consuls Executive Meeting in Algarve, Portugal. FICAC Executives thanked them both for their excellent work.

The third Executive Committee Meeting of FICAC – World Federation of Consuls was held at the Dom Pedro Hotel, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal between April 24 and 25, 2005.

President Dahlman welcomed the members and gave an overview of the work done over the past three months. He thanked the hosts of the meeting, Hon. Fernando Pinto de Oliveira and his wife Zita, for the excellent organization of the meeting and for their great hospitality. He also thanked the members of the Executive Committee for the good job they were doing.

The President noted that for the Year 2004, emphasis would be placed on finances and sponsorship; membership drive, the website and the 8th World Congress of Consuls to be held in Jamaica in 2006, Regionalisation and the Best Practice project that is to start with a Questionnaire for the Member Corps and Association, among others.

Executive members presenting reports were Hon. Marcel Meyer, Secretary; Hon. Aykut Eken, Treasurer and Hon. Arnold Foote, Chairman for PR, Branding and Membership Committees.

At a dinner hosted by the Algarve Local Authorities in honour of the Executives the Hon. Roland Dahlman, President of FICAC was presented with a plaque which he handed over to FICAC which became the first item in the proposed FICAC Museum. Present at the meeting were: Hon. Roland Dahlman, President; Hon. Eric Coufal, Vice President; Hon. Marcel Meyer, Secretary; Hon. Aykut Eken, Treasurer; Hon. Arnold Foote, Director; Hon. Fernando de Oliveira, Director and Hon. Amarkai Amarteifo, Director. Absent were: Hon. Alex van Heeran, Director; Hon. Chris Sikolas, Director; Hon. Nand Khemka, Director and Hon. Wilhelm Brouwer, Director.

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