Ghana described as best destination for investors

June 17, 2015 | News

The President of the World Federation of Consular Corps has described Ghana as one of the most suitable destinations for investment on the African continent. Mr. Roland Dahlman said, “I will ask any investor coming to the West Coast to come to Ghana. This is because Ghana has a cohesive social fabric needed for the growth of especially the private sector.”

Mr. Dahlman stated this in an interview shortly after a press briefing on the Federation’s Executive Committee Meeting in Accra on Monday.

The one-day event, which was the committee’s fourth meeting since its induction in Athens in November 2003, was the first to be held in Ghana and Africa. The others were held in Portugal, Belgium and Jamaica.

The 11-member committee has a Ghanaian, Mr. Amarkai Amarteifio, who is also the Consul General of Sweden, as member.

According to Mr. Dahlman, the federation was happy to hold its maiden meeting in Africa in Ghana, in view of the country’s political and economic stability. He added that Sweden had played and important role in the country’s socio-economic development, citing the renovation works at the Kotoka International Airport by a Swedish firm as an example.

He described the work of Mr. Amarteifio on the committee as impressive, adding that he was of great assistance to Swedish businessmen and citizens in Ghana. The work of a consul, he said, was very important, adding that it was increasing around the globe and could be used in fostering relationships between sending and receiving counties.

Mr. Dahlman noted that the federation, which has representatives from all the continents, was made up of 60 countries, with Ghana, Egypt, Madagascar and Mauritius being those from Africa.

The one-day meeting, he explained, would adopt the objectives they had set up and also plan for the World Congress of Consuls. For this part, Mr. Amarteifio said that apart from Ghana, Egypt, Madagascar and Mauritius, some African countries had expressed their desire to join the federation. He named the countries as Botswana, Guinea and Mali, adding that the Accra meeting would help to facilitate their contacts. The objectives of the federation are to enhance the performance of consular services on behalf of sending states in receiving states and support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular offices. This is done by the extension of well-recognised facilities, privileges and immunities to honorary consular officers by receiving states as are necessary for the efficient discharge of their functions with dignity, among others.