June 4, 2020 | Women Committee

What is the special role of being a female diplomat in international relations?

Diplomacy is understood as the set of people and institutions that are engaged in a State of interests and relations with the other States. This definition, when referring to a group of people, is obviously inclusive. On the contrary, not including both men and women within the group, makes the representation to be approximately 50%, denies 50% of people not only their representativeness but their rights and dignity. Regarding the gender issue, although it is understood that all people have the same rights and obligations, women for a natural matter, are more emotionally receptive, which gives them a special sensitivity to dialogue on the most conflicting issues and critics of families and societies.

How to improve the rights, status, responsibilities and values ​​of diplomatic women?

Women have come a long way of injustice and contempt, perpetuating their stigmatization in the face of the mistaken conviction of what their role should be at home and in society. The empowerment of women is achieved through education, understanding education, not simply, formal education, but one that begins at home and is synergized through social and cultural networks. The achievement to be achieved is the internalization of the concept of equality as well as that of the concept of fairness, completed by that of mutual respect, the basis of all coexistence.

How do you see the status of diplomatic women in the next decade?

It is estimated that there is a constant and growing tendency for female aptitudes to be valued progressively in the diplomatic field, insofar as they assume roles and occupations that were previously the exclusive patrimony of men. Cultural skills and training show that female preparation is the same, or superior in some cases.

What do you think should be the central points of our strategy to strengthen diplomats in the world of journalism?

In Argentina 61% of women journalists have more than one job to be able to support themselves. Only one third of women journalists believe in the possibility of having a growth in the workplace. More than half do not use the new communication Technologies. 71% indicate that they have a male boss, less than 10% have an outstanding position (
Regarding the strategy to be developed, I believe that an interesting niche is education, therefore, positioning women in the field of journalistic training as a teacher could reduce obstacles in this career.