We asked to Evin ILYASOGLU As a woman who has successfully conducted international relations with artists and organizers in the field of classical music, do you believe in women’s diplomacy so that there can be a more prosperous world in the future?

May 19, 2020 | Women Committee

Music is such a branch of art that appeals to the human soul. In every kind of organization, even in a severe medium, music creates a sincere atmosphere.
Musical tunes are international and timeless. In women’s diplomacy, each member must have a little bit of musical culture. This knowledge can be about classical music, as well as folk music. You may talk about literature, neither painting nor history if you do not know any language, but you may create a quiet atmosphere with a musical background which enchants the ear of everyone. Try the flute quartets of Mozart. Each four of them belongs to Muses. They may have listened as background music; they create a prosperous atmosphere accompanying to your lecture. Classical music knowledge reflects the quality of that deep down culture. For a better world, especially women, the mothers of the next generations must have a deep culture.