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Application And Membership Procedures

Summarized below are the procedures that a Consular Corps or Association or a Regional Association is asked to follow to become a Member of the FICAC AISBL, and the general procedures for remaining a Member Corps/Association or Regional Association of FICAC.


The application procedure shows directly from article 4 of the Official Statutes of FICAC AISBL.

Article 4. Membership

All Associations are eligible to become Members of the Federation, provided that their statutes are consistent with the Constitution of the Federation, and that they accept the Constitution of the Federation, subject to the confirmation of their membership by the General Assembly.

Application Dossier

To apply to join FICAC as a member Corps/Association or Regional Association, the organisation is asked to send documents to:

FICAC aisbl

Hon. Purrshottam Bhaggeria, Secretary General

Email: [email protected]

Secretary’s General Office

Sunil Kunj (Mr)

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: +91-11-49502068 Mobile & WhatsApp: +91-9910566559

Office: “Bhaggeria House”, 43 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025, India

The following documents:

Application Procedure

The application documents are forwarded to the members of the FICAC Legal Committee, responsible for membership, for their review and subsequent recommendation to the Board of Directors. After approval, the Board of Directors may grant provisional membership to the new member, subject to confirmation by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors reviews the recommendation and submits the application with all recommendations to the FICAC AISBL General Assembly Meeting, which is usually held every 3 years in conjunction with the World Congress of Consuls.

A yes vote means that the Corps/Association of Regional Associations can become a Member of FICAC, once membership fees for the current year have been paid.

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Information About The Application

The Secretary General of FICAC would normally acknowledge receipt of an application and subsequently inform the applying Organization about the decision of the Board of Directors for provisional membership and also about the decision of the General Assembly Meeting.

Application Form Membership

If you wish to become a Member of FICAC AISBL, please complete the Application Form below.

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