FICAC is there to serve Consuls all over the world

* To get to know one another
* To meet together
* To exchange views
* To act together

FICAC was established in Copenhagen in October 1982. It was born of the necessity to bring   together Consular Associations or Corps from all over the world and to share experience,   and co-ordinate efforts to enhance the status and effectiveness of the Consul, the oldest   institution serving International bilateral relations.

FICAC is a global network of Consular Associations created   to support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular officers   in all receiving States.

FICAC’s aims are to promote and strengthen mutual understanding between Honorary Consuls   and Career Consuls worldwide; develop a framework and basis for exchange of current   information, ideas and suggestions regarding matters related to the office of Honorary   Consuls and Career Consuls; promote at national level and international for a better   understanding of duties and responsibilities, rights and privileges of Honorary Consuls   and Career Consuls.

New Member Associations will always be welcome.

FICAC enjoys since 1993 the status of a United Nations NGO(Ecosoc Observer Status)

FICAC has been accredited by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States   on March 13th,2002 as a Civil Society.